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CCi Retail POS System is a windows base computerized Point Of Sales (POS) system that is suitable for retailing and merchandising business.

CCi Retail POS System ensures accuracy, efficiency and reliability for your business. It is so powerful and yet affordable. It comprises of variety types of architectures and specifications to suite different types of business sizes and requirements.

CCi Retail POS System the complete and easiest way to control your business reduces human errors and increases operation speed and efficiency.


1. Kick cash drawer function to open cash drawer for non-sales purpose.
2. Hold receipt and recall receipt function.
3. Reprint receipt function can reprint receipt for current day receipt and also history sales receipt.
4. Item exchange functions with negative qty sold and negative sales method.
5. Flexible item void function to void selected item in the list.
6. Function to reprint history Z-Report and X-Report from daily backup sales data.
7. Deposit function for item repairing and services sales.
8. Support off-line sales when Backend Master Computer down.
9. Membership
10. Sales Person with commission.
11. Easy & simple to use by cashier.
12. Cashier can easily learn this software by follow the short cut key.
13. Can search and view the PLU code by press F1 or Ctrl + S.
14. Powerful partial search function to search item by PLU code, Barcode and description.
15. Maximum Control
16. Manager can use real-time report through online to track all the report and all action that done by cashier.
17. Manager can monitor their staff even far away from shop.
16. Faster operation speed
17. Automatic backup Master database.
18. Automatic backup of daily sales and operation audit-roll data.
19. Auto-compact database files to maintain minimum database file size.

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